Floral Reef Full Print Canvas


This ethereal betta fish design has a soft sea green background with pastel tones in peach, blue and yellow. The Floral Reef Full Print Canvas has botanical elements and contrasting pops of electric blue.

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On our scuba dives, we see the most amazing coral reefs. They have such interesting colours, textures and shapes. It is a magical otherworldly place twenty meters below the ocean surface. In this design, we wanted to put a Lemon Litchi twist on the usual coral reef to give you the exquisite Floral Reef Full Print Canvas. We used flowers, succulents and tropical leaves to make a floral reef full of hidey-holes for our Betta fish to play in.

  • Smooth Dye Sublimation Printed Canvas
  • 4cm block frame
  • Colour-fast digital print
  • Size: A1 59,4cm x 84cm
  • This product was designed, printed and packaged in South Africa.
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    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 84 × 59.4 × 4 cm


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