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  • Forever Rose Cone Lampshade (Medium)


    This romantic floral scatter cushion features dahlias, roses and peonies. It has a soft sandy coloured background with pops of pink and cream. It is soft-hued and perfect for any space that you want to relax in.

  • Summer Dawn Empire Lampshade (Large)


    Picture yourself in summer, walking through a field of wildflowers at dawn. Morning has broken and the flavour of summer possesses your senses. Warm glowing light permeates the sky, emitting an inviting glow. Flowers surround you mimicking the sky above them. Vibrant oranges, soft pinks, bright yellows.It’s a time between darkness and daylight, a time of excitement and possibilities. You inhale deeply before taking on the new day.This is the inspiration behind our Summer Dawn Velvet Lampshade.

  • Water Entomon Drum Lampshade (Large)


    Imagine the humid Amazonian forest at night. The moon peaking through the canopy of tropical flora above you. The sweat drips down your back, while you take a deep breath, inhaling the smells and vapour of the forest. The air is humid around you. You hear beetles squeaking, birds chirping, frogs croaking. This modern rhinoceros beetle design is exactly what you need to take you there.

    With its cool blues and contrasting dark details it transports you back to nature. It’s a conversation starter and your friends and family will all do a double take once they see this velvet lampshade in your space..