About Lemon Litchi

Our Journey

Welcome to our story. We are aunt and niece duo, Ilene Erlank and Verishca Heyns, the creators and designers of print design and décor brand Lemon Litchi by IV.

We grew up with a love for art, creativity and nature and always dreamt of starting a creative business together.
We wanted to create beautiful things that would bring vivacity, comfort and style into people’s lives.

The first step was getting a BA degree in fashion design. Over those three years we refined our drawing, sewing and designing skills and we were elated to receive our degrees Cum Laude.


Stepping into the Print Design Business

After flinging our graduation caps in the air the truest part of our journey really began. We knew we wanted to own a design business that engulfed our love for visual art. The mission was to find a way to merge these two loves into one fun and exciting business idea.

For the Love of Design

The plan was to use our original artworks to create bold and unusual prints. The next step was to turn these designs into an evergrowing range of products.

We painted, sketched and drew a collection of fish, birds, flowers, insects and plant life. Then we digitised our artworks and designed striking prints using computer software.

After immersing ourselves in the print design world, we ended up producing a whole range of prints. As our skills grew, the prints became more and more interesting, daring and spirited.


Why Lemon Litchi by IV

We needed a brand name to match our lively prints. It needed to encapsulate the personality of the brand, the customers and design style. It had to be intense but also sweet. It had to be delicious, delectable and sensuous.
The name and brand had to transport you to a serene luxurious beach resort with the sun kissing your skin. A verdant paradise surrounded by comfort and colour.
And so Lemon Litchi by Ilene and Verishca (IV) was born.