The skill of napkin folding

Cloth napkins are an easy and elegant way to add a touch of fun to your place settings and the overall vibe of your table. There are so many ways to fold a napkin, and you’ll find great tips and tutorials on the internet.

Cloth napkins can be folded to suit any celebration and can be as simple or intricate as you want. Let’s look at a few basic napkin folds that are sure to make for an excellent dinner conversation.

Bow tie napkin fold

To start, spread a cloth napkin out flat.

Next, fold the opposite sides in so they meet at the centre.

Then, fold horizontally again at the centre to form a narrow, ribbon-like shape.

Now, fold the short ends in to meet at the centre.

Finally, cinch in the middle with a ribbon in a matching colour, either knotting it or glueing it closed.

Envelope napkin fold

This simple and sophisticated design is ideal for sealing in a surprise.

First, fold a square cloth napkin envelope style by folding it into a triangle and tucking the pointed ends in twice.

Then, tuck in the top flap to enclose the menu or gift.

Use sealing wax and a customised stamp on wax paper to create seals that you place on the edge of the top flap for an impressive and official-looking finish.

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